Saddle Fitting

Jane holds the Master Saddle Fitting Consultants’ (MSFC) Diploma and is a Member of the MSFC Society. The MSFC course is an international one with a broad scope, encompassing the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of horses and riders; training, nutrition and other management influences on welfare, performance and saddle fit; conformation and how it relates to riders’ chosen discipline and saddle fit; back and lameness checks and saddle/rider influences on pathology; correct back templating. The course also covers tree and saddle construction, materials and fault-finding – in a variety of saddle types including English, Western and treeless;  assessment of saddle fit and balance; appropriate girthing and the use of therapeutic pads; and bit and bridle assessment and fitting.


Jane is independent and does not currently sell new saddles, although she does buy and sell some second-hand saddles, and can supply pads and numnahs.


Services offered:-

-          Checking your existing saddle and its suitability for both horse and rider

-          Help in sourcing second-hand saddles or advice on appropriate saddles    

-          Advice on use of suitable pads and girths

-          Flocking – top-ups can sometimes be done on site

-          Full reflock including tree check (this involves taking your saddle away)

-          Minor saddle repairs e.g. new girth straps

-          Bitting advice


A saddle check – whether a full ridden assessment or a quick ‘static check’ can be combined with a lesson or a bodywork session on your horse. Please ask for prices depending on what you require.