“Have been impressed with the Masterson Method and the way George responded to it.In his last treatment, you really hit the spot for him. Free schooled him and he was moving more freely and it was as if he had a surprised look on his face, he enjoyed it more. He is slightly more relaxed going down hills. Farrier came Friday and George stood still for the first time, I was well impressed. Schooled him this afternoon, his transition into canter and cantering is better and easier for him.” ” Gillian Millman


“Just had Jane treat both my horses and it was a real pleasure to watch her work with them and see them really relax into what she was offering them. Both were treated with the utmost tact, respect and kindness and came out of their sessions relaxed and moving better. Indeed, when I let Flyer out, he led his little herd on a quick gallop round the field, something he's not known for doing! Can't wait to ride him on Monday as he always softens so much after a session.  

And Cliquot looked much freer behind as she walked off to join her friends, before joining Flyer for his hooley. Each time she sees Jane, another layer peels off, allowing her to release her tensions. When I brought her in she was so different! No swinging her head, attempts to bite or threatening legs on her right side at all. Just stood quietly, eating hay! On the left side, she mere turned her head to look as I reached her last rib, then returned to her hay! So pleased in this change!” Amanda Davies-Cross


“Hi Jane, I have brought Ernie’s work back up and I can really see and feel a difference. He has more swing through is back and is a lot less tense through his neck. I have even caught him lying down a few times.... Which is almost unheard of! I think he really benefited from seeing you so I hope to make it a bit more regular. Thank you very very much. “ Vicci Greenaway


“Jane has treated by horse twice, and after both visits he was noticeably more fluid. Since injuring his back last October he had been unwilling to walk downhill, but following Jane’s second visit he has been like a new horse and doesn't even notice the hills, essential when you live on Exmoor !” Suzanne Sharp


“I was delighted with the treatment Jane gave my horse Patch. It was wonderful to watch him relax, and the treatment even affected the horse in the next box. Four days later he was still chilled and I loaded, drove and rode him on a fun ride on my own and he was a complete pleasure all day. I very much believe in Masterson and Jane is patient, tactful and skilled at delivering it - thank you Jane!” Harriette Mullins


“I've had Jane treat several of my horses and seen good responses from all of them. The horses have enjoyed the sessions and after have been more relaxed in their work. Jane's approach is particularly good in the more nervous/suspicious horse as she has a quiet, laidback approach and the horses quickly settle and accept Jane's hands. Thank you.” Sian Brown


“Dan is lighter to ride, more free and fluent, and on the lunge today he was tracking up on both reins almost immediately as opposed to the usual 10 mins of chasing and using poles.“ Di Sealey


“Took Laddie in the school today.  Just gently, but managed to get an extended trot on the left rein, which is a first!  He felt more flexible generally too.  So thank you!” Moya Harris


“After the session Impy had much improved straightness and looseness. I found her more supple and willing to work.”   Jenny Lo-vel


“Thank you Jane for your super work on Tilly today. Never seen her so relaxed!” Jill Keech


“Jane’s massage techniques work really well alongside my 18 year old horse’s usual  McTimoney treatment helping to keep her happy and supple in her work all the year through and enabling us to still perform complex dressage moves with ease despite her age.

I find that Jane offers a very professional and reliable service and she is always conscious of putting the horse’s needs first. She always takes the time to explain what she is doing and why it helps. Her findings are always very accurate and match those of the chiropractor.”    Kate Kellaway


“Jane is kind , caring and very patient . Offering advice and methods to enable your horse to move more freely , ensuring a comfortable , relaxed and happy horse ! Highly recommend . “ Charlie Brown