Prices depend on distance/travel time

Up to 40 miles/1 hour travel from North Molton (Devon) or from Newnham (Gloucestershire)::

First session: £55 for one horse, or £50 each if two or more horses at the same yard

(First session includes full consultation  -allow up to 2 hours)

Follow-up sessions (1-1½ hours): £50 one horse, £45 each for two or more

For 40 miles – 60 miles/up to 1½ hours travel from North Molton:

add £5 per horse to the prices above

Over 60 miles/1½ hours from North Molton– please ask!


*These prices are for full bodywork sessions: shorter pre-event or follow-up sessions may be priced differently, please ask for details.*



Up to 25 miles/45 minutes travel from North Molton (Devon):

One lesson £35, or £30 each if two or more at the same yard

(lessons are scheduled for one hour and are 45 minutes to one hour in length depending on horse and rider requirements)

25- 45 miles/45 minutes - 1½ hours from North Molton):

One lesson £40, two or more at same yard £35 each





Up to 40 miles/1 hour travel from North Molton (Devon)

Saddle check: £40 each for one or two horses, £35 each for three or more at the same yard

Flocking/repairs: top-up on site £10 added to the price of the check. For other work please ask.


*For greater distances/clinics or packages for large yards - contact us for details.*