About us

Jane Penfold is a qualified (BHSAI) instructor and a BD (List 5) dressage judge, who also practises equine bodywork. She is a Certified Practitioner of the Masterson Method® of integrated equine bodywork, and also qualified in equine massage therapy and trained in myofascial release techniques.  Jane decided to study the Masterson Method when she saw  her own horses’ responses to some of the Masterson techniques - she was immediately hooked!  It is a non-invasive way of working with the horse, following the horse's own responses to find and release areas of restriction and tension. Horses love it, and the results can be amazing! Jane is fully insured to practise both massage and integrated equine bodywork on your horse. 

Jane's extensive experience with horses goes back over thirty years. Having initially trained as an instructor at the prestigious Porlock Vale Equitation Centre, she then pursued an international career as a diplomat. This enabled her to experience horse riding & management in a variety of countries. In Bulgaria she was invited to ride Trakehner stallions at a stud farm under the tutelage of international dressage rider/trainer/judge Dimitar Stoyanov, and three years' intensive training followed. Jane later settled back in the UK to concentrate solely on horses. Her classical dressage training complements her BHS qualifications,  and Jane has worked at the yard of renowned classical trainer Sylvia Loch, as well as observing and learning from world-class trainers such as Charkes de Kunffy and Anja Beran


Jane has always seen dressage as more art than sport, and as a training system that benefits (rather than ‘uses’) the horse. It is a way of developing the suppleness, symmetry, strength and coordination that enable the horse to carry the rider and to perform its job with more ease and confidence, and to stay sound for longer. Jane's passion for horses has been a lifelong quest to find out more about them and how to improve their lives as well as to enjoy our time with them: their make-up, the biomechanics of horses and riding, and how to prevent or alleviate the stresses and strains that can arise. Equine bodywork is a natural progression from this, and Jane continues to strive to improve her knowledge of all aspects of horsemanship as well as to further her knowledge and skills in equine bodywork.


As well as performing equine bodywork, Jane continues to teach and judge (she is a BHSAI and UKCC Level 2 instructor, and a List 5 BD judge). She particularly enjoys working with grass-roots combinations and using dressage exercises to help the more ‘ordinary’ horse to become a more comfortable and responsive ride, whether for hacking, all-round pleasure or competition. She is also a Level 3 Pilates Instructor and through Pilates seeks to help riders improve their body awareness and control, another vital component in the horse/rider relationship.

Jane lives in Devon, rides her own horses for pleasure and enjoys spending time with her husband Nigel and his birds of prey (Nigel is proprietor of North Devon Hawk Walks).   Two lively Brittanies, a collection of birds of prey and five ferrets complete the family!