Muscle release, Mobility & Maintenance for happier horses and better performance


 Jane Penfold MMCP

Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner

  and equine massage therapist


Welcome to the Flexible Horse website. My name is Jane Penfold. I have many years experience of working with horses and riders and I use a combination of techniques, mostly based on the Masterson Method® of equine performance bodywork, to help horses to release tension and restrictions which are hampering their ability to perform at their best.

This unique method bypasses the horse's flight or bracing response and activates the nervous system, allowing accumulated tension to release. The horse actively participates in the process and tells us where he is holding tension and when it is released (commonly by yawning, see the quick clip below). This is something done with, rather than to, the horse.

It's more than just a 'back check' - I work on the horse's whole body.

Your horse will love it and you will feel the difference!

Call  01598 740114 or 07711 130371

I work throughout Devon and Somerset, and make regular trips to Gloucestershire. I will travel to other areas by arrangement.


Massage and bodywork are not a substitute for veterinary treatment, and your vet's permission is required for any form of bodywork. I am fully insured to work on your horse.